President Van der Bellen,



Hofburg, Ballhausplatz,

1010 Vienna,  Austria

28th June 2021

Dear President Van der Bellen,

Convergence council of Iranian Movements strongly protest and condemn your recent message of goodwill and the congratulatory message sent to Mr. Raisi, one of the world’s biggest mass executioners and murderers.

Islamic republic ran a sham election and urged people to vote to show that it enjoys legitimacy, however, what it faced was widespread voter apathy.  Iranian people boycotted the election to show their opposition to the regime & ask the world to stop appeasing a regime that is against its people.  According to leaked data that we have received from Interior ministry who runs the election only 4% of population participated in the sham elections of which according to government’s own admission nearly 4 million of those votes were spoiled ballot.

This was a big message to the world, to stop propping up and enriching the tyrants in guise of diplomacy and to stand with Iranian people, who for decades have been suffering under this brutal and predatory regime.

As you are aware Islamic republic is ranked on warning list of Fragile states index and is not stable, therefore do not bring shame upon your nation by supporting tyrants who are about to collapse.  We call upon you and all European governments and EU to stop all communications & dealings with Islamic republic and stand for Human rights, freedom and rule of law.


Yours faithfully,

A. Payravi

Head of International




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