Convergence Council of Iranian Movements ‘SAHJA’

Over the last four decades, Iran and its people have been ruled by a theoretical regime; namely the ‘Islamic Republic’. This theoretical dictatorship has desperately attempted to portray itself to the international community as the people's choice, but in reality it is responsible for crimes against humanity and for the violent suppression of any form of protest and dissent within its borders, and in some cases in foreign lands.


The Islamic Republic has executed, murdered and imprisoned its opponents and critics, and has plundered the wealth and natural resources of Iran, resulting in the destitution of the majority of the civilians. The Iranian civilians, with their declaration of rejection of the Islamic Republic, and any attempt for the reform of this tyrannical dictatorship, have indicated clearly to the international community that the sole means of survival is to put an end to the endemically corrupt regime that is the Islamic Republic.


The bitter experience of having any opposition crushed without mercy, resulting in many unarmed civilians murdered by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and allied militias indicates that this regime is not from, or for the people.


We, the undersigned, with the understanding of a common ground based on liberty, freedom and democracy declare that we have created a convergence movement for all freedom loving Iranians with the aim of freeing Iran from the dictatorial regime of the Islamic Republic. Our declaration is as follows;

1. The end of rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2. The security of Iran and its borders.

3. Adherence to the convention of human rights, freedom, democracy.


The Council for the Convergence of Iranian Movements (SAHJA) advocates the concept of an axial thought movement such that an individuals will, thoughts and wisdom will be used to the benefit of all peoples of Iran.


In this journey towards democracy, resulting in a democratic political system chosen by the people in national referendum, SAHJA advocates that every Iranian is one individual thought and an individual leader. This process , allowing a free flowing thought process, as well  expanding horizons and ideas that may arise due to free thoughts may be used for the benefit of Iran and its civilians.


SAHJA is committed to the freedom lovers of Iran and will continue on the path of freedom until Iran is free from the tyrannical and brutal inhumane rule of the Islamic Republic.

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