Convergence Council of Iranian Movements (CCIM) is the most practical way for millions of Iranian young men & women to find their common voice & inspiration for a free, just and secular society where no one is beyond man made laws and everyone is protected under a common law regardless of gender, religion, race, ethnicity, and creed.


CCIM has the potential to be where we all come together regardless of our political and ideological affiliation and volunteer to co-ordinate to not only create powerful virtual networks to help Iran rise against tyranny of religious dictatorship of ayatollahs but also elect the most qualified statesmen to transition from Islamic Republic of ayatollahs into the modern Iran. While CCIM has this huge potential but it all centered around "You" the individual who is trapped under the most backward regime in the history of our proud is your tool what are "You" prepared to sacrifice for your freedom and integrity.



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